What Does 2013 Hold For Social Media Pros?

Brands need to recognize that mass media tactics don’t work on social networks, and that everyday people have the power to talk back and make demands of their own,  author Lori Randall Stradtman says as she looks back on the year in social media marketing. The author rightly points out that in the year 2013 brands need to think about the possibilities afforded by combining social media with Big Data and about deploying social media monitoring. Read the detailed interview here.


Her predictions for social media websites in 2013 are as follows:


1. Facebook – Gifts will transform Facebook, Paid ads shift to paid content, Facebook begins to move into social search.

2. Twitter – The newsroom of the future

3. YouTube – Gains reputations as key search tool

4. LinkedIn – Evolves and grows from HR focus to brand building for companies. LinkedIn Endorsements becomes like Facebook Likes.

5. Pinterest – Will lead to social shopping

6. Google Plus – Sharing to selected lists is on the rise


Read the Infographic created by TwinEngine, to read the summarized conclusive takeouts regarding Social Media Analysis of the year 2012:




Credits: TwinEngine


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