What Makes Social Media So Influential and How Can You Use This Influence for Your Business?

Over the recent years, as internet has evolved and grown, social media has come about to be the easiest, fastest and most explosive way to transmit and receive information which holds great strategic value and significance for communities and businesses alike! Social Media not only provides a great platform for content marketing but also allows brands to have conversations with fans to engage them personally. In the words of web strategist Jordan Raynor:
“It has never been easier to be as influential as you can be today. Information is cheap. Information is easier to produce. And if you have a quality message, it’s never been cheaper to get out.”
Below you’ll find a host of statistics and fun facts (thanks to Liz Martindale) that may surprise you about just how influential social media really is!


Now that we’ve established just how influential social media is, let’s see how you can use this influence for your business:

1. Create a Niche and stick to that topic so that the audience may associate you with that particular topic/interest

2. Work on your content and ensure that is it unique and compelling

3. Try to know and understand your audience through Analytics and Social Media Monitoring Tools

4. Start Discussions. Social Media is all about human interactions. Use this fact to your advantage.


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