5 Social Media Analytics Applications

We have compiled a list for social media buffs to better analyse the effectiveness of their social media marketing skills. These applications and services provide insights on the level of influence, perception, engagement, feedback and sentiments on your social media audience.
Bit.ly is a URL shortener. The service automatically synchronizes with CoTweet and your tweet desk. It helps you organize  shorten and share your links to social media websites. Once the shortened URL is posted, bit.ly gives you a complete analysis of the traffic generated. Bit.ly also offers an enterprise analytics service which helps brands and web publishers grow their social media traffic.
Klout is one of the coolest analytical tools for social media. It analyses and measures data from Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter and compares it against a benchmark and your friends for reach, network, influence and amplification. Klout then gives you a score ranging from 0 – 100, describing how influential you among your audience.
Crowdbooster is a fun and useful social media measuring tool which solely focuses on your twitter accounts. By analyzing the number of times your post gets retweeted, crowdbooster recommends the most effective timing for you to tweet. It also analyses the types of tweets for better amplification. For effective twitter engagement based on impressions, total reach and engagement crowdbooster is the way to go.
Hootsuit works in almost the same way as bit.ly, only the paid version of this service provides highly in-depth details with the country your clicks came from and the source of where your link was clicked.
PeerIndex is a charmer when it comes to social media analytics. This tool allegorically maps out your social media interaction via your Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn accounts. The finding are then relatively measured and given a score like klout. They built you ‘authority finger print’ on a category by category level using six benchmark topics: authority score, topic resonance score, audience score, realness score and lastly the normalization of scores.
Let us know if you have any comments, feedback, or references to other analytics applications we could possibly use.

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