What does the New Facebook News Feed Mean for Social Marketers?


With the introduction of the new look of the news feed firm Facebook, the changes as expected have been met with a mixed bag of remarks from the users. Whether for better or for worse the redesign will have an impact on the way brands, celebrities and local business pages reach out to their consumers through Facebook.
As we have seen the current news feed takes up 40% of the page, surrounded by a clutter of navigation buttons on one side and sponsored ads on the other. Posting your business content currently has to fight the overload of information  drifting the attention away from your brand.
facebook-news-feed-timeline-highlight With the revamped version, the business owners can relax as the streamlined module helps brands project themselves better, giving a better opportunity for brands to be noticed. The news feed now puts a lot more emphasis on images and media. As the survey tells, most of the interaction on Facebook is currently supported with images and videos, hence the transition is a good news for brands.
In the recent year most of the Facebook users have shifted from using web to mobile devices, and Facebook has struggled to keep the experience as similar as possible, it is only now that Facebook users will not feel a strong transition moving from their platform  Brands have struggled with this earlier as the branding for the webpage did not do justice on a mobile platform. Now the brands are more likely to get their message across on a variety of platforms.
FBNewNewsFeed1-copy1The whole intent of the redesign is to highlight media over standard text updates. Now when someone like a business or a brand post on Facebook the lower half of the brand’s page cover photo appears in the news feed. Letting the business give a concrete formal feel to it, rather then a random update. It is displayed as a summarized view of the brand image, making it more vibrant.
There is also a floating advertisement section, this contains sponsored advertisements, sponsored stories and targeted ads. The prominent placement is significant for businesses, as it lets brands keep their niche intact, and saves them from getting into a pile of unnecessary updates.
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