How is Fruita Vitals’ Campaign ‘Get Real’ Leading to Page Engagement?

419324_10151329030352496_1539050395_nNestle Fruita Vitals is one of the most followed Facebook pages in Pakistan. It has a tendency of staying in the news, because of their creative ideas, apt executions of engaging campaigns, well-integrated approach of digital branding with on-ground mediums. With around 590K fans and growing on its Facebook Page with an average Talking About Percentage of 7%, the community of Fruita Vitals has reached wider than ever.

Recently they started with a campaign with a simpl179077_10151369711287496_7772219_ne, yet effective tagline for youth (the brand’s primary target audience): ‘Get Real’. This tagline makes a connection between Nestle Fruita Vitals as the real juice offering premium quality nectars, and at the same time, highlights the real deal behind the typical Pakistani teenage lifestyle in a quirky, humorous fashion.

For their campaign Get Real the brand has used the fame star of Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt of ‘Student of the Year’ movie. The content unfold with and through these two and as both are young/hip, teens, young adults and students on the page can well relate to them. The content is particularly well-connected to the campaign idea and supported with sound and competent 208909_10151369709282496_1181680654_ndesigns to portray the knick knacks of a young brain in a playful manner. The page talks about relationships, friends, family and student life in contrast to describing what really goes on in a young head. Though the mood and tone is kept light and quirky, the descriptions are pretty valid and thus funny.

As a result, the content produced under the banner of this campaign is shareable and likeable, which is resulting in a better reach and virality of the posts, and thus providing an additional mileage to the brand.

It would be mighty useful for other brands to learn the tricks this brand has up its sleeve and use those tactics forward. What do you think? Can you relate to Get Real?

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