Sabiha's Designer Lawn Collection 2012 For Womans - 011 - www.Fashionhuntworld.Blogspot.comBecoming a part of the most important business breakthrough  since the industrial revolution, social media seems to be thriving around here. If you haven’t jumped the bandwagon, we don’t know what you’re doing on this blog.

Currently, there are 8.6 million (Yes, Million) Facebook Monthly Active Users in Pakistan, which makes it #27 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country.

With the increasing amount of 7% users per year, Pakistan will  reach 10 million very soon.

From updates about political parties to a 15 year old’s birthday party. Anything that’s happening is also happening on Facebook  and Twitter before, while, and after it has happened.

Picking up the Lawn prints busi
ness in Pakistan in this regard, we can see how the whole market   has evolved over the years. Shopping for lawn prints is not like it used to be anymore.

As if a gazillion billboards, which I’m pretty sure have caught your attention (ahem, Nargis Fakhri), the lawn industry has taken over the social media world just as well.

Brands are taking full advantage of the increased level of communication through social media.  Sharing all sorts of information and getting a diverse variety of feedback from clients is helping in a huge way to build the relationship that a brand needs to have with their audience.

Most importantly these social platforms work miraculously for the promotion of the brand, depending on the strategy that they chose obviously. Just like the attention one craves for their profile picture. Similarly, a brand also wants constant attention from their fans. Competitions, free giveaways and such activities are very popular on the Facebook pages of most lawn prints as they engage a larger audience and ensure constant attention is given. Even my khala joined the Khaadi page yesterday.

Soon everyone starts talking about the brand at every kitty party, birthday party, heck even milad’s don’t end without ladies talking about clothes, lawn here specifically. Brand loyalty is increased through this on a level never reached before. It’s a healthy activity for the brand itself as well as the users as they enjoy the perks of participating in all the activities held by the brand.

Classic win, win isn’t it?

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  1. Rimsha says:

    You’re so right!

    Im sure there are a lot of websites promoting this and becoming a part of this lawn fever.

    Saw this one, http://www.designerlawn.pk and looking at the content I think you guys are spot on about the way Pakistani females feel about Lawns :)

    Do keep on blogging, loved your article!

  2. FRaza says:

    Great article. Well researched, I must say. Social media is a quintessential tool today for branding and marketing any kind of brand, be it fashion or lawn or anything else. Also, let us not forget to mention the thousands of e-invites that we get for everything and anything!

  3. Fraza says:

    Great article. Very well researched. It is completely true. Today, social media is playing an exponential role in marketing and propagating numerous brands be it Lawn or any other product. Also, we need people to be more aware of the crazy stats, as revealed in this post.

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