Are you loving DOVE?

imagesDove has always been big on promoting self-esteem and loving yourself ‘no matter what’. Churning out the real meaning of beauty and what beauty means to women and girls in general. They have been at it since 2004 with The Real Truth about Beauty: A Global Report, followed by various campaigns promoting self-confidence. They have always been working on an apparent attempt to end the plastic beauty concept and have been quite successful to attach this motive with the brand.

Now the Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign is flooding the ladies with emotion once again.

It’s hard not to love dove. They pick up what’s real and rub it in your face. It’s true and everyone agrees but it’s hardly ever going to cut down the clients that Dr. Laser Treatment has collected for himself.

The kitty party aunties are still discussing the micro-current treatment they had last week and how its making them feel younger.

Hardly any girl will ever go to work without her mascara on even after watching this, but one thing is for sure. She’ll love herself more. With or without the products she needs or wants.

That is the agenda here anyway right? After all it’s the brand they’re selling, and doing some public service while they’re at it!

The message delivered and the morals that they’re trying to refresh are much needed in the current state of minds, but really, is that even the problem? The ladies know what’s cool and what’s not. No one likes to hang out with the weird looking ones, not even the weird looking one themselves. As stinging as it is, it’s true and it’s out there. Let’s see how that changes and who changes it if that’s even possible.

But great job on that self-esteem. Narcissism is the way to go! Love dove, love yourself!

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