NESCAFÉ brings you the a chance to WIN an ELECTRIC GUITAR




My head is still shaking after a gazillionth round of the NESCAFÉ Cold Coffee Shake. Don’t worry peeps, my waistline is not about to blow, I’m referring to the new application on NESCAFÉ’s Facebook page. So basically all you have to do is arrange NESCAFÉ’s new jingle in the correct order. Sounds easy right? Yeah right. The ticking digits make it more thrilling with the challenge and if you somehow manage to quit trying, the leaderboard shows you list of people who finished it faster than the new Taylor Swift’s love affair! THAT right there takes you back to the app to try again! The tune ringing in your head acts like the devil calling back so you can try again to be on top of the lead board. Even then I currently rank 54. The app definitely gets the addiction award. If it wasn’t for the deadline to submit this article, I wouldn’t have stopped trying!

How dumb of me, I haven’t even mentioned the incentives yet… they are, wait for it, bleeping fabulous: Electric guitars. Yes, finally a brand has some sense to give out something cooler than  grandma friendly merchandise.

As much as it is for the incentives they are offering, it is genuinely occupying the mind like a good app is supposed to. Annoyingly addictive and definitely raising the fan base there! Pages should definitely get such interactive things going on. It’s definitely a bull’s eye as the app seems to be to be getting a great response in quite a short period of time. You can tell by the change of names on the leaderboard that A LOT of people are engaging in the app and ‘challenging friends’. Also, Must get back to the app now. Cos I’m the next rock star, baby!

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