Snap, Pop, Crackle…Pepsi’s here to take the fizz out of every living cola on the face of the earth. It’s back on roll with a smashing new experience. Okay, without further unnecessary bragging here’s what’s happening: Pepsi just launched a new musical program called PEPSI SMASH. Pepsi? Music? How?! Remember from your thumb sucking days when Junaid Jamshed and other local musical legends graced Pepsi ads? Yes, Pepsi has been linked to music longer than certain studios of certain cola’s. Battle of the Bands anyone? Anyway, coming back to PEPSI SMASH, the very first season is making its debut on Pepsi’s Facebook page. So far there has been a smash-ing (sorry, couldn’t resist) response. The first song to be launched was of a Lahore based band SYMT called “Jeenay Do”, a perfect anthem which reciprocates the air which fills our country currently (yes, I’m referring to the election craze). Other artists to be featured are Strings, Noori, Jarar and more. Produced by Farhad Humayun of Overload, it’s spunky, fresh and definitely doesn’t make use of run of the mill covers which have been done to death on other platforms. The songs are all original and have a pop rock feel (they even have a live DJ, but please don’t confuse it with the Ministry of Sound). No dholaks sir! Not saying we don’t love the dhickha, dhicka but it certainly is a refreshing change.

How and where to catch this? Remember I mentioned Facebook. Yeah, so keep in touch with Pepsi Pakistan’s page on Facebook to find out the latest updates about Pepsi Smash. There’s a new session uploaded every Wednesday and Saturday with – wait for it – lyrics AND guitar tabs. How cool is that? Not only can you download the song from the page but play it to impress your “loved one” as well. Guess what, you can also, drumrollllll…win fantastic Pepsi Smash merchandise, all of this is happening on the page. Another interesting thing is that you vote for your favorite session, expect tons of catfights.  With YouTube gone (sob) and electricity promises still trying to be fulfilled we definitely need some entertainment, not saying that the elections are not entertaining enough but you know what I mean, we need a distraction post elections.  My vote is for Pepsi this season.

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