Nestlé Fruita Vitals presents ‘Orange Hunt’. Play, click and win a trip to Thailand! Say Swadeka?





What more can you want than a FREE trip to exotic Thailand with your buddies? A perfect plan for the summers, eh? Are you already imaging yourself on the serene beaches, busy market streets and endless shopping? You ask how you can make this happen in real life. Well, it’s as simple as a click! Nestlé Fruita Vital’s brings you ‘Orange Hunt’, an online scavenger hunt. All you need is to make a group of three, you and your two BFF (who you’d actually wanna take along on the trip!), and wait for the clues. Once the clue is given, you click! Be original; be creative as that’s the only judging criteria here!

Nestlé Fruita Vitals is always creating a buzz, becoming one of the top brands and talk of the town. With the launch of their new premium juice, ‘True Orange’, they give you something BIG, exotic and exciting. The cherry on the top would be your friends who can join you in the hunt AND come along to Thailand (excellent chance for A LOT of new photos ;)). With clues as easy as taking pictures of Fruita Vitals True Orange in a fridge, sharing it with a friend or balancing it on your head… is just too less to ask for a dream trip, right?

So what are you waiting for? You don’t want to regret missing such a chance in your life, we bet ya! Grab your camera now, make a group of three, and get the clue and action! And for the love of creativity, show some ‘out of the box’ or rather imaginative (‘crazy’ is the actual word we’re looking for) images and your chance of winning will automatically be high.

So keep your traveling bags packed with loads of sunblock. As you’re going to remember this summer forever, and you know that!

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