Who needs lottery tickets when you have Facebook ‘click n win’


Gone are the days when you used to buy lottery tickets and look up within the list of a 1000 numbers to see if you were lucky enough. Remember how you had to ‘post’ an empty pack of random XYZ products to the address given at the back of the pack, and participate in those never ending lucky draws? After all the hassle, how many times did you actually manage to win? After having waited for what seemed like a LIFETIME, you’d randomly get to see a TVC with someone else’s name and picture holding those awesome prizes that “should’ve” technically been yours after all that torture and the wait. Well, here’s what you can safely say to them now…”No thanks, I have Facebook!”

You sit at home, log onto Facebook, make a few clicks and you’re almost there! You get prizes as awesome as winning free trips along with your friends to countries around the globe, a month’s supply of your favorite products, gift vouchers of famous shopping brands, free movie tickets and even Ultrabooks. Also, there are those beauty treatment vouchers to campaigns where you’re ACTUALLY treated like a royal… all this and SO much more, just by few FREE clicks.

It’s not just a great marketing medium for the brands but also has lots in store for Facebook users.

So the next time you’re planning on buying a lottery ticket, SCRATCH that idea. Just sign into Facebook. It’s easier, it’s free and it’s awesome!

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