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What happens when someone is asked about their work environment in public? Answer: A big toothpaste-ad-qualified grin before you begin to exhibit a mental thesaurus for ‘’lovely’’ and other such adjectives to describe: (dreamy eyes) my work place. ‘’Crazy about what we do’’, ‘’every second is fun’’; ‘’no 2 days are similar’’ yada yada? Well we can say that and convince you real good but the fact is, there are days when every sound seems to beat on the nerves of our brain and everyone around looks like the Dajjal who we want to stay away from but can’t. Then there are days when multiple hours of concentrated brainstorming lead us to ideas not even worth selling a grain of rice in china town, but you know what? That’s what we love. The reason we stick to what we do is the challenge. If something’s too easy, it means you’re not doing it right. That thrill of facing something that has the potential of annoying us like a bi lingual jingle of an animated T.V commercial and the confidence of overcoming that and getting it out of our system is why we do what we do. (The jingle my friends, will stay in your heads forever and there’s nothing you can do about it).

The whole team shares this aspiration to accept and overcome creative challenges; this is mainly why we excel so brilliantly. It’s the mutual passion that makes our work outstanding and our workplace exciting. (We also share food, music, game of thrones episodes etc.) Fun just seems to tag along with our work process all the time so starting to write about the fun part at work would require a different blog altogether.

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