Leech, Magar Pyar Se

multitasking-social-media“…Wait! Let me put this on Facebook first!” Hearing this lot lately? Don’t be alarmed, you’re not from Krypton. In fact you might be hearting your 22nd picture of the day on Instagram right now. Sorry if I’m disturbing you for a mili second of your social media life but I had to write this. So you went to this fancy soiree the other night, bet that is something worth sharing with the rest of the world. Of course you want everyone to know how hip you are, devouring your hor d’oeuvres with sparking water. You fancy, huh? But that’s really 1/8th of your life unless you reside in the Hills. How about showing your heels from Louboutin? #wedontcare OR… #dowe?

Here’s one thing: We’re in it for good & there’s no escaping this however the biggest dilemma faced by the 21st century species is that how much is too much when it comes to social media? Interact too little and you feel like the ignored child of the family (please don’t turn into a poltergeist), share too much and I swear I won’t take a second to compare you with my in-your-face, show off phuphoo who likes to brag about things a little too much.

The idea is to share things which are actually worth sharing. Sounds clichéd? It’s true. Whatever you share with the rest of your “insta” community becomes your identity. YOU are a brand. No, you’re not some detergent.  Say if NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS was a person it would be a fun, lively, sarcastic, non-fake etc. much like my friend Tamkeen (see I mentioned your name in my blog) and vice versa. (Here’s your aaaaah cue, audience).  She would share things from her own dinner table as well as the done to death picture of holding the Eiffel tower. What did we learn here kids? The key is to balance yourself and not become a leech. Share your everyday shenanigans as well.  They at times are the best. Share both sides of your life, in the right amounts; unlike an American upsized meal and you’re set. Most importantly, don’t forget to lose the human touch in the social media accounts orbiting your life.

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