Ogling Online – Ramadan edition.

Don’t we all find ourselves on Facebook (or some other social platform) killing those 5 tough minutes before iftari? Or don’t we use it to help us stay awake till sehri time. Well, if we are being honest, then we all are guilty.  I mean, who doesn’t like viewing mouthwatering images, just before sehri or iftar? They just help us decide what we’d like to feast on.  While we enjoy and look forward to killing time with the help of these networks, the pressure now falls upon the brand and the social media executives to ensure that they come up with creative content that will ensure our engagement. No one likes dull and boring content. period.  For this very reason, brand managers and social media executives communicate their offerings during this Holy month tactfully.


Now, managers and social media executives, create content in sync with the essence of the month. So we often come across, posts regarding how a particular product is the perfect choice at iftari or sehri time or communicate discount offerings.  They tailor their products promotions or packaging just to bring that spiritual and emotional association to them, for us. The question is do these tactics work? These tactics seem to work just fine as long as the team keeps in mind the brand and the community they are dealing with, as each has its own circumstances. So, the content you find now during Ramadan, is about to get EVEN better, as the team sits and analyzes your activities closely. So, brace yourself for spending a lot more time on social network. Happy fasting fellas 😉   images

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