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Companies do just about anything to retain their recall and keep their name “alive.”  At this moment in time, it seems as if Nestlé is mastering this technique. And it makes all the sense, i mean, if we´re going to be buying your products or keeping you on top of our minds at least make the process relatively entertaining, right? Keeping this in mind, Nestlé has launched two successful yet different promotional activities, for Nestlé Fruita Vitals and Nestlé Pure Life.

The promotional activity for Nestlé Fruita Vitals revolves around a game, named as the `The Real Catch´.   Contrary to popular belief, this game is NOT just for an entertainment purpose. Nestlé has very successfully, plugged its Fruita Vitals brand essence into it. So, while you play, you experience the brand and its offering, indirectly. Clearly, such an experience is being valued by the fans, as the numbers of users keep increasing. But, that’s not where Nestlé decides to stop. Simultaneously, the company is also actively promoting its Nestlé Pure Life Protect bottle.

This promotion gets consumers to submit a code and Zinc benefit, which is on the Nestlé Pure Life Protect. Once successfully done, they get a chance to go to Dubai along with other prizes. Such incentives are more than enough to get fans excited and engaged, but this campaign does not only plan to achieve high page ratings or increase fan following. Nestlé hopes that the health benefit will be seen, noted and incorporated by the families as well. So, it’s safe to say that Nestle is certainly mastering the art of promotion. Who wouldn’t want to visit these pages, now? But, the real question is, which one of the tactics appeals to us more. To, get the answer to that, you’ll have to try BOTH of them on your own. 555774_633355276697421_674473893_n

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