Nescafe Basement II: Let the music play.

With the spectacular show Nescafé Basement presented last year, it was only a matter of time that they returned with another grand round. So, if you don’t know already (which I’m sure you do), Nescafé Basement II is back to create melodies you won´t forget.  Let´s find out what´s brewing this time. Last year, Nescafé Basement attracted a massive turnout. This season 1,300 aspiring young musicians of different backgrounds made an attempt to be a part of this platform. Out of hundreds of hopefuls, only 19 were given a chance to unleash their hidden talents.


Nescafé Basement is the prefect gateway for these artists, in every way. Out of the endless jamming sessions, 14 different tracks have been recorded, all under the guidance and influence of their mentor, Xulfi.  He strongly believes that these artists are full of talent, who need to be nurtured in order to bring freshness and meaning, to the music industry.






















This season, the new faces are not only amazing vocalist, guitarist or drummers, but they are youngsters who aspire to be the best. With such variation and dedication, they’re creating a unique mash up of western and eastern beats. So, if you´re in the mood to enjoy some quality music stay updated with NESCAFÉ Facebook page- the entire show will be staged there (well, sort of ).Happy listening!

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