Mobile: Taking E – Commerce by Storm

Taking E-Commerce By Storm

The adrenaline rush of physically getting your hands on the dress you have been looking for or the virtual experience of placing it in your cart; the joy achieved from shopping is undoubtedly unexplainable for shopaholics like me and yourself. No one would deny that shopping is something you can never have enough of. However, in today’s time and age there is a constant race against time. But guess what? E commerce pretty much is the ultimate answer to all your shopping woes! According to research, almost 1.22 Billion people are now shopping online. Although, with the onset of technological advancements and the recent trend in the increased usage of smart phones, it is envisioned that Mobile is going to take e-commerce by a storm.


Cell-phones have become such an essential part of our lifestyle that it is almost impossible to imagine life without one constantly clutched in our hands. Smart phones, in particular, are a complete package and a definite alternative to devices like televisions and laptops. Be it in the office, or while dining out with friends, having a smart phone enables you to remain connected, digitalized and have a one stop shop for entertainment at all times. With the high dependency on cell-phones, marketers can actually tap this opportunity and use it for the best interest of their businesses.


Enabling instant purchase, easy and hassle free access to products and services, simple, fast and a secure mode of payment; ecommerce through smart-phones has introduced new dimensions to this increasingly popular trend. In addition, this provides personalized and real-time feedback, highly convenient and adaptable to various content and provides easy product share-ability among friends and family. What gives e-commerce through cell-phones an edge over other mediums, is undoubtedly its lower development cost, it requires less man power and gives better profit prospective. According to research 40-50% traffic is generated through cell-phones as compared to other digital devices. With progress in marketing and the 24 hour connectivity, e commerce through cell-phones is definitely a great platform.

As the usage of mobile devices increases every day, marketers can reach audiences from all over the world. With an optimized web design and a wide number of social tools available, mobile e commerce can make brands go viral and get advertised through sporadic online activity like comments, re tweets and shares! According to Forbes in 2011, marketers using mobile advertising has doubled in just two years. Apparently, revenue is expected to increase tenfold from 2014 to 2015.

The Domino’s app developed by Bramerz that was launched only 6 months ago bears testimony to the popularity of this trend. With an average of 917 daily orders and 50,000 downloads it is observed that the bandwidth traffic is the highest from 1.00 pm- 4.00pm during lunch hours and from 8.00 pm-10.00 pm at dinner time. The popularity of this app also lies in its user-friendly interface which provides consumers with an easy shopping experience for their food.

As a result, Mobile e commerce is the next big thing in the world of digital marketing. Now that you are fully equipped with the knowledge, it’s time for your business to venture into this arena!






Written by: Nimra Zeeshan

Editor: Hijab Hassan


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