Uncovering the Secret of Business Success on Facebook.

Uncovering the Secret of Business Success on Facebook.
By: Hijab Hassan


When Mark Zuckerberg first created Facebook, what he had in mind was to provide a platform for networking. But, perhaps what he didn’t realize was that soon Facebook would transcend the aim for which it was created. Be it small businesses run by entrepreneurs from home, or large multi-nationals with operations in different parts of the world; with the unprecedented rise in technological advancement marketers believe that it’s imperative to have an exclusive online presence.



In my opinion, Facebook in particular has become the most convenient medium for businesses to acquire a massive outreach. However, just creating a Facebook page doesn’t determine the success of a business. In order to draw people towards your page and entice them into acquiring the product or service that is being offered, it is absolutely essential to make your page diverse from the multitude of other pages.


So with the plethora of businesses involved in the ultimate rat race of acquiring the maximum number of followers and likes, what exactly is the secret to having an edge over others?


Is your content providing value?

Ask yourself the single most important question – are you providing value? Although pretty obvious, businesses usually fail due to their inability to keep their fans engaged. Merely posting content every day and acting as your brand’s PR would not be deemed as providing value. Rather, you would just be spamming your followers with something dry and boring that they wouldn’t want to see on their newsfeed. So make sure your post is snazzy and divergent from the rest!



Keep it consistent and Keep it coming!

With so much activity spurring on social media all the time, posting something once or twice a week and then disappearing would disarray your audience – they would simply forget about you and move on to something else. Human nature, I know. A conducive content plan must be implemented which Facebook facilitates through the “scheduling” feature.



Engage your fans

When you create a post, ask yourself this; is it personalized and catchy enough for your audience to respond in terms of shares, likes and comments? Allow them to express their opinions, share their story, and when they do make sure to respond in a thoughtful manner, instead of keeping it generic and robotic.

So now that the secret to success on business on Facebook is unlocked, it’s time for you to join the bandwagon and have an online presence. Let Bramerz be your guiding light and help your businesses go big, because no one understands your business like we do!




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