Forget Don Draper, meet Junaid Malik!

Suave and authoritative, he walks in the room and the air instantly changes. Those who are swirling around in their chairs having a little chit-chat instantly go back to their work-stations and start typing aggressively. Those who were lost in a reverie of their own are jolted back, while for some it’s just too late, for his sharp eye has caught them.

They know nothing can save them now. They’re in it for the grill, and it’s going to be bad. But, he just smiles warmly and tells them to get back to their seats and carry on. Perplexed, but with a sense of relief wash over them they ask themselves, “That’s all?! No bashing? Phew!” But, then again this is what makes him, him. Meet Junaid Malik – COO Digital Bramerz who is the driving force behind the “mad men” of today’s digital advertising world.

Like all bosses, there are many sides to the man who keeps us all together. And to be honest, I am not sure if I am equipped enough to identify them all. Heck no, I’m not! I’ve seen him jovial, I have seen him scare the life out of some and I’m still in the process of understanding which side is more consistent. But I guess, that’s the secret behind efficiently running a madhouse like ours!


Of course, when you have a multitude of big fish in the sea like Coke and Nestle on board, things just have to be a tad, bit spicy! Constantly pushing us to break-free from our own boundaries and cardboard facades; bringing out that iron fist once in a while and then chilling with us over lunch – no one could do it better than him.

Undoubtedly, success comes from standing out, not fitting in. And Junaid Malik, is the living example of it.


Authored by: Hijab Hassan

Filed in: Digital Campaigns, Infographics

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