Instagram- triumphing the social media world

Social media, as we know is attributed to have turned this world into a global village. People create, share and engage. But with thousands of social platforms spurring every day, what is it about Instagram that gives it an edge over others?

I hate it when someone calls me and I can’t use my phone for the twenty seconds that it rings. I wince when the chat messenger on Facebook flashes read. The truth is, with the ease of communication comes the lack of permissions and choice. I want to reach out to people but I don’t want to necessarily engage directly with everyone. The fear of offending someone is demanding, it’s intrusive, it’s over whelming.

Instagram- with its array of beautiful imagery, its billion (estimated) unique monthly visitors, a boastful 200 million users, 1.6 billion likes and with its 60 million photo per day is a cold icy drink on a striking sunny summer day. It’s my simple social solution. Instagram simply lets me-the user, upload pictures facilitated with hashtags to a large audience of my followers. It is a platform of expression, an extension of my personality. I engage effortlessly and it has become who I am.

So what does this mean for retailers? Can this platform push sales? According to a research by “L2 Think Tank”, Instagram’s community takes pride in 15 times more engagement than its parent company as well as Twitter or Google+. With trend inducing ‘selfies’, branded hash-tags and location based tagging; as many as 91% of retail brands have cozied up to the buying power of Instagram users. For sellers who wish to create an impression in Omni channel selling, it is not a choice but an essential.

Instagram stimulates e-commerce by providing them a quick information and display campaigns. Being a way of reach, recall and awareness, Instagram is the answer to what’s going on in your brand’s life or how your brands day was. It lets your brand be alive and gives it a celebrity status. Leader by nature and powered by followers, Instagram is triumphing the social media world unapologetically.


Authored by: Ayesha Akram

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