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Google AdSense is no doubt the most popular ad network available to monetize your website with. There are many others available, but nothing beats the ad inventory and fill rates that are offered by AdSense. Signing up for an account is pretty easy and but getting approved is a totally another issue. This is where we would like to help out and make sure you make the most from your AdSense account.


Bramerz is the only Google AdSense Certified Partner in Pakistan. You may ask what is that? If you’re looking for a managed solution with additional services, collaborate with an external Google AdSense Certified Partner i.e. Bramerz, where our experts will spend time optimizing your AdSense revenue and managing your account, enabling you to focus on the creation of up-to-date content for your website.


Whether you’re new to the AdSense program or are an existing publisher, we can help you with the following services to maximize your potential and take your earnings to the next level:

  • Set up of AdSense account
  • Technical help and implementing ad codes
  • Performance analysis
  • Running A/B tests
  • Performance and revenue optimization
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting


Here are some of the benefits of working with an AdSense Certified Partner, as given by Google:

  • Certified experts maximize your AdSense performance and earnings
  • ROI-focused collaboration with performance based compensation
  • Freedom for publishers to focus on generating great content and have it monetized by experts


Signing up with us is also easy. Once you send in your request, our team goes through your website, it’s traffic stats and the type of content to make sure everything falls under the Google AdSense policies. Once accepted, you still use your existing account for managing Google AdSense, or we can create a new account for you if needed.


A list of all the Google AdSense Certified Partners can be found here.


For more information and or to sign up for AdSense with us, drop us an email at info@bramerz.pk!


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