Digital daggers; fight with words not weapons!

By Afia Shah


132 children shot, teachers burned mercilessly to ashes, parents left devastated; a black day for humanity. Our nation has been in mourning for one year, however, what has been the outcome? Have we made life secure for our children? Have we increased awareness about the necessity of education?
Raising school walls, hiring gun toting guards, organizing useless drills in open areas are not the answers. What we need is a platform where every voice can be heard, every story can be told, and every person can be engaged- what we need is a global phenomenon; Social media. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr- why are they so addictive? Why is our generation obsessed with a couple of websites? What is that one thing that everyone craves for? Power; to be in ultimate control. Unlike any other medium, social media gives you that power, by allowing you to share your anecdotes, ideas, opinions, and makes the world more connected. So why not take advantage of such a privilege and highlight the incident even more on digital?
The recent #BringBackOurGirls campaign proved how effective social media is in drawing attention to a cause, so why not launch a similar movement for the Peshawar massacre? We might not be able to bring back our children, but we can avenge them, by raising awareness and promoting education- because we fight with words, not weapons! #RememberDecember2014
By giving people something they can rally behind, and empathize with on a human level is what will make the campaign go viral. This is how we will send a message to these perpetrators that we are determined to fight them at any cost and that we will not forget the shedding of innocent blood. Let’s join our hands in solidarity and show these monsters that we will put an end to their crimes against humanity and that terrorism has no religion.

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