Introducing Ahmed Nizami; the Captain to the Digital Ride at Bramerz

By Hijab Hassan


There are very few people who join a closely knit team and don’t feel like an outsider, out of those very few, barely any go an extra mile with the people they didn’t know before. Out of this bare minimum, a very small cross-section of people fit right in. Ahmed Nizami, for the digital team at Bramerz, was all three. Upon finding out we were soon to have a new COO, the emotions were mixed. But, then entered Ahmed Nizami – with his fiery and driven personality and amicable attitude, we all felt like we had known him for years.
With spending over 13 years in leading Multinational and National companies like ICI Pakistan, and Adamjee Insurance to being part of the core team that launched Pakistan Today, and most recently rolling out the very successful media campaign at PakWheels; Ahmed’s rich experience in diverse capacities speak volumes of his leadership skills. In addition, the ability to strategize with a hands on take on creative projects are his primary strengths. But, his seniority doesn’t hold back the fun-loving, chilled out person that he is! When he’s not sharing valuable insights on Marketing and Advertising with us, he profusely contributes to our usual banter about where to eat out, why Shahrukh Khan is a bad actor, Thailand being the ultimate vacation destination, and just about anything under the sun!
A friend, a mentor and most importantly a leader; profoundly talented Ahmed Nizami is a great addition to Bramerz, and will definitely take it to amazing new heights!

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