Will 2016 be the year virtual reality takes off?

By Asad Haroon

In 2015, we saw major advancements being done in various fields of science and technology. From scientists firing up the Large Hadron Collider at higher energies than ever before to being able to pay from your phone instead of a credit card, we truly saw some wonderful things. One field that particularly caught my fancy was optics, or to be more precise, virtual reality (VR).

I know VR is not a new concept by any means and the groundwork for it has existed for quite some time now but it was only in 2015 when great and practical products started to demo what they could really do with the technology. From Sony announcing their VR gaming headset to the preview of Halogens from Microsoft and the actual demo of Oculus Rift, we truly were able to appreciate what VR technology can do.

Now, I know that for most these inventions were nothing more than toys for the rich but in all fairness that is what they said when we were first introduced to the concept of touch screens. Look at how the world has changed now. It only makes us wonder that at the pace we are innovating, how much longer till we start getting 3D holographic phones or televisions that do away with the concept of having a screen. Truly, these are very exciting times that we live in.

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