ECS goes online with Fishry

If you are a female or a male who has taken any female of your household shopping, chances are that you have heard of Ehsan Chappal Store or ECS as it has come to be known. Starting off with a single shop in Anarkali, Lahore, ECS has certainly come a long way. With branches over all of Punjab, it has undoubtedly found its place amongst the biggest local brands in the province when it comes to women’s shoes and bags.


As it is a new Era in which everything is going digital, ECS has decided to expand its horizon and presence online by partnering up with Bramerz. Bramerz will not only provide the shoe brand with experienced backend support in all matters relating to its digital presence but it will also help the brand re-modernize itself by powering it with Fishry. Fishry, which it is now powering more than 60 brands online and has a robust framework for medium to large scale businesses with its cloud infrastructure for scalability and quick response.

Fishry in laymen terms will provide ECS with a comprehensive E-commerce solution for their business. This will include help in establishing digital assets with a comprehensive solution through custom storefronts, mobile responsive website, a mobile shopping and browsing app, store management panels among other things. Bramerz will also help improve the brands overall popularity by helping them with their SEO, thus ensuring that the brand manages to connect with a brand new audience which they didn’t have access to before.  The company will also help manage all these products to ensure that not only ECS gains more customers but retains their existing ones as well.


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