Tea wars like never before! Social media ignites the fire and makes it go viral!

By Asad Haroon

IMG_5376 (2)Any Pakistani who has logged in on their Facebook in the last few weeks has inevitably came across the now viral pictures of Lipton versus Tapal ad campaigns. Both these brands haven’t done anything that has gone extremely viral in such a short span of time recently. This is largely being labeled as ‘The Tea Wars’ of our time but the fuel to this fire has mainly been the social media audience of Pakistan.12670416_435418456668777_3255270995685350756_n


While the pictures themselves poke gentle fun at the opposite brand, the campaign itself is reminiscent of the ancient Coke and Pepsi rivalry many of us may remember from our childhoods. It is that feeling of nostalgia and “how is this even legal?” Train of thought that has fueled the virality of this campaign. So much so that other brands decided to jump on the hype train and have a bit of fun and get a piece of that sweet viral publicity as well.

IMG_5368 (1)

That is in my view the biggest strength of social media ad campaigns as quite often you don’t really need to be creative and can just ride the backlash of some other thing that is going viral. I know that this does raise the questions that what really makes an ad campaign really go viral? Well, in this case as I mentioned it was the sense of “Oh no they didn’t” mixed with a bit of humor but in many other cases, it’s either something offensive or downright stupid. Thanks to social media, ad companies don’t really need to spend a big budget producing quality content but they can rather try various other cheaper approaches and just hope to come across something that stands out from whatever else their competitor is throwing out or as in this case ride the creativity of others.


Whatever the case maybe, in the end it all comes down to what clicks with the user and what they share with their friends and families because at the end of the day it is all about clicking with a specific audience and starting a chain reaction as most of us only have like minded people in our friend lists.


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