Why big brands are considering digital strategy over conventional strategy?

By Asad Haroon

The recent popularization of social media websites has changed marketing strategies to a great extent. Instead of people commenting on how bad a marketing strategy is, like in the past, consumers now have a direct connection with the brands they love. This alone has changed how big businesses approach and tackle their target audiences.

While the traditional forms of advertisement still do rack in numbers for any business, social media now has a bigger impact on how well a particular product does in the market. This is exactly why bigger brands now fund small film makers in hopes of producing something that goes viral. Any viral trend that a brand produces basically ensures a marketing campaign that reaches a wide audience for the lowest cost possible.branding

Of course, there are times when a brand does overstep the fine line between morality and plain cheapness and simply chimes in on something they have no business poking their noses into. An example of this can often be seen on Twitter when brands tweet about things that they have no relation with.  The most spot on example of this can simply be the time Papa John’s decided to tweet, “Because he had pizza” with the hashtag #WhyIStayed, which was trending worldwide as a way for victims of domestic abuse to come out and say why they just didn’t leave their abusers.

Like every new technology, it will take some time for big corporations to fully utilize the power of social media websites but till then fiascos like the one mentioned above will keep happening and we will keep getting segments about social media screw ups in comedy shows, like the ones in ‘Last week tonight With John Oliver’.


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