Meet the people of Digital Media Agencies

By Hijab Hassan and Sameen Qasim 

From someone who wouldn’t take a second to step on your ‘oh so creative’ ideas to the silent observer; the world of advertising is known to harbor all kinds of crazies. Can you name someone for all these? We bet you can!AqSiecdS2KF0iv-SWeKiOdU5DDhXFodoPXlYw8rKsBvP

1: Ms. To Do List

A notebook and pen on her always, we are talking about that one person who plans, plans, plans! From spamming everyone at 12.00 am with emails asking for an update to sticking to deadlines like they were entrenched in stone, she has a reputation for completing tasks before they’re delivered. Some like it, some hate it but everyone needs it.

2: The Mommy

She could be your boss or just a colleague, but there’s just one person at an agency who exudes all the mommy feels in the world.  If the mommy at work is your boss, you’re more upset about making her mad than the warning you get. And if it’s a co-worker, her shoulder is the one you need after an excruciating pitch!

3: The Gossip Machine

A potential raise someone might be getting to the termination looming over another, this person at work makes the rumor mill going and is the ultimate source of all the dirt on everyone.

4: The Idea Police

‘SMASH!’ Yep that was the sound of your brain child crashing and burning because “The Idea Police” said no for a reason we cannot disclose (read: Does not exist)

5: Mustache-you-a-question

Hovering over you while you work to giving in input where not need, he’s just that guy in every agency who just has something to say for the sake of something to say, but it barely does him in any good (or anyone else for that  matter).

6: Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy is well, just nice. He gets everything done without bothering you. He is accommodating, understanding with no hidden agendas and is just always available no matter what time of the day it is (or night).


7: The King of Mufta

The extortionist of the office, this guy gets your work done but constantly asks ‘Kya Khila rahay ho?’ or ‘Treat kab milay gi?’ Everything over here needs to have monetary or food-tary gain!


8: The Social Climber

He is all rainbows and butterflies when talking to higher ups but turns his true colors when talking to the minions who are to do his bidding.

Where they are found: In the senior management’s good books. In the associates hate list.

9: The Silent Observer

Active on emails, doesn’t utter a word in real life; always found scribbling on their notepads and their desks a haven of stale food (poor souls don’t have the time to step out for a meal); the silent observer usually belongs to his clan of designers who consider mingling with the creatives and CS, a violation of some sort of an unspeakable bro code, or is it the “adobe code”?


I bet you could pick out a name for each kind, but don’t you wonder which kind you are?

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