SNS – Revamping Conventional Business Models


By Sameen Qasim

Where physical products and services are created for use all around the world by companies that boast of success stories, the one intangible product that has taken the world by storm is our very own Facebook. An SNS (Social Networking Site) the evolved into a business model by creating a “consumer platform” that enables, not restricts and also goes the extra limb to create numerous value positions for different customer segments? We are sold!

Given that Facebook completely revamped the marketing landscape it was only evitable that others would follow suit. Where Twitter was already striving as a great platform for brands to portray themselves and interact; it was perceptible that Instagram and Snapchat had the competence to do a good job, if not as great a job as Facebook.

Thus, one fine day we woke up to the Instagram sponsored posts that allow brands to redirect you to their pages, help you cultivate a following, harness the power of using hashtags and enhance social media presence for brands around the world. Being a Social Networking Site that works on pictures, Instagram is a perfect medium for brands that need to showcase their products and arouse interest to work as a perfect marketing tool.

In a wider perspective, Social Networking sites may double as a winning business model for advertising and marketing that surpasses borders, boundaries and mediums; to gain a greater, and in some ways more specific audience for each offering out of a broad mix. The future is here!




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