The changing face of Advertising


By Asjad Ahmed

Ever looked at a cringe-worthy ad and never wanted to see it again but didn’t know how to communicate your distaste to the advertiser? Well, now you can! Having the power of controlling things around you is very fascinating. And the idea of getting the message only you like isn’t a mystery anymore.

The biggest Independent Creative Agency Network in the World M&C Saatchi in the UK are testing something new, let’s say creepy. Billboards that read viewer’s emotions and react to their facial expressions. Now isn’t it something new & weird at the same time? The billboards which are already in the testing phase in London do have a hidden Microsoft Kinect camera that captures passerby’s reaction & display different designs, colors & fonts depending on the mood of the person. Backed by a genetic algorithm that tests different executions by analyzing the strengths of various features such as copy, layout, font and image, the billboard allows “evolving” unique ads with up to 1000 different images & other variable creative components. That’s not all, the creative components that fail to engage the viewer reaction are automatically removed from the system & the components that do manage to get attention are reworked for better improvement.

Now that’s real-time evolution of advertising which will greatly benefit the marketing in years to come & all that based on the feedback of viewers. Making it easier for marketers to understand the psychology of the consumers & adapt the message to send across accordingly.

Just imagine if we get this technology in Pakistan. Wouldn’t it be great to save ourselves from seeing a hundred odd similar looking models wearing the same outfits? All we will have to do is look at the billboard and make a face!

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