The time to hesitate is through!


By Sameen Qasim


When someone coined the word ‘Smartphone’ they weren’t being over ambitious, they were merely leaving space for phones to be as smart as they could, or as smart as the human race could make them out to be. When phones could be our eyes and ears, we were like ‘Oh hell! Yes!’ but now they’ve become our NOSE and there seems to be no stopping to this madness!nivea-men-nose-2

Yes you heard that right! Nivea, a company that excels in making skin care products, just came out with an app can put another one of your senses to rest by taking over! With the help of a Belgian agency, Happiness FCB for Nivea Men, an app has been created that has an algorithm to detect over 40, 000  odors and tell you whether you need a shower or if you are squeaky clean!

What is more fun is that this app is particularly intended and absolutely great for men who have only 40% of the space dedicated to detecting odors as compared to women and can more often not even smell their own body odor! (God Bless)

So the next time you are stuck in a closed elevator with a bunch of stink bombs or are sitting in close proximity with school mate who is just oblivious their body odor; don’t hesitate and  just take your phone out and bring it to their attention! And heck they cannot even blame your phone for being downright straightforward and harsh!




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