Unconventional marketing


By Sameen Qasim

Let’s talk about unconventional marketing techniques! Do they work? Do you think they have a bigger impact on the audiences mind?

In the world of today where millions of products, brands and messages are trying to break the clutter to make an impact on people; what really falls on the attention threshold is a message that is different or presented in a unique manner!

In this blog we will underline marketing techniques, from the national and international front, that are out of the ordinary and caught our attention, here goes:

Influencer Marketing

A new startup in Lahore called the Car Butlers recently tried influencer marketing. Why we say its unconventional is that in this market this has hardly been attempted with the docility that they managed to execute it with. Find an influencer, surprise them with a free car clean up at an event where many have gathered, get the influencer’s testimonial, get word of mouth and you’re golden! It’s smart, efficient and from what we can gather by the hype; extremely effective as they managed to get a 60% increase in sales in just a few months of operations!

Anti-viral marketing

When everything is about visibility and presence what can you do to make sure nobody misses it? You disappear. The audiences these days are so fond of knowing everything and being the most well informed that if you take that from them; you have their attention. The world famous band, Radiohead, right before the launch of their 9th studio album did just that. They simply disappeared off the face of the internet. Deleted tweets, photos gone; a complete whiteout. After days of people desperately waiting for a speck of news; when they released the first track of that album on social media, the entire world was watching and listening very closely.

Anyone looking to grow their brand should think outside the box and do something that hasn’t been done before to make a noteworthy impact!


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