4 different personalities of copy writers!

by Asjad 

Remember the “Jahan Mamta Wahan Dalda” campaign or Apple’s “Get the Mac”? These are some of the best marketing campaigns that still have a recall in the minds of the consumers. So, what makes them stand out? You may think it’s the product or it’s the model in the campaign? Well, you are wrong. The main reason behind the success of a campaign is the copywriter. So, what kind of species are these copy writers? Well, we have shortlisted 4 types of them & we are pretty sure they are present in every creative agency.

 ‘Relax bro’ guy

These species of copywriters knows how to party hard in life without taking work too seriously. They always have something up their sleeves for the delay in work or coming in late. They may not put much effort in their work, but they surely put a lot of it in keeping their boss happy.1a

Mr. Fix it

If you have messed up something or passing through a creative block this is the person you can ask for help. Being a grammar Nazi is their best hobby, but it isn’t the only thing they are good at. From fixing the content to fixing cold wars, they are best at sorting the mess.


Miss ‘I Got this!’

Give them anything at any time to work on & they will always surprise you with their creativity. They are naturally good at copy writing & they know it. Their attitude & work makes them the favorite of everyone, including the boss who is hard to be pleased.


Sneaky Miss Sunshine

They are the ones who will always be piled up with work & it will seem like as they are doing the work of the whole team. Well, actually they just believe in the mantra of look busy, do nothing. They always delay the deadlines & for that they have the perfect excuse “I have so much work on my plate”.


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