The future of VR


Asjad Ahmad

Ever wished to visit the beautiful Niagara Falls? Or experience the charged environment at Old Trafford during a Manchester United match? All this is possible by buying a ticket & flying over to have the experience of a lifetime. Well, you must be thinking it’s so obvious, everyone knows about it, what’s so new about it? Well with the ever advancing technology advancement you can immerse yourself with amazing experiences without even being present at a particular location.


The World of Virtual Reality is fast evolving & changing the way we view the World around us. Backed by the power of stunning real like images the virtual reality isn’t just providing us with a view, but it’s aiming to give an experience that the users can relive. The immersive nature of VR has already made it a hit among the masses despite the fact that the technology is in its infancy. Be it powered by a mobile handset with an inexpensive VR headset or experiencing it on a custom built PC with top of the line headset, the experience definitely has a wow factor attitude to it.

Currently, the technology is not easily accessible or in case of a mobile powered headset it isn’t very impressive, but the future holds a lot of potential for VR. All the big social media platforms like Facebook & YouTube have already started working on providing VR experience & it’s only a matter of time it will be the most sought after thing on the digital world.

From experiencing lost moments to reliving your favorite memories & from enjoying your favorite movie to being a part of your favorite video game, the possibilities are endless. It simply depends upon how far we are ready to stretch our imagination to build into the future of VR.


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