5 things all agency folks know to be true in Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is here in the sweltering hot weather. If summer season wasn’t enough to make your Roza tough, the long working hours at office will ensure you feel miserable. From waking up to heading back home, it’s a constant struggle with slow moving time. Here are some of the office moments during Ramadan that you can relate to:

The never ending sleep struggle
Sleeping after Sehri time & than waking up for office is the most cumbersome task of the day. The disturbed sleep cycle is always looking to find spots to catch up some sleep. And what could be better than catching it up during early morning meeting? Just make sure you don’t get caught.


Running out of excuses for breaks
Always struggled to sit on desk for more than 2 hours? Well, during Ramadan the excuses for taking a break won’t be there. So, how you planning to pass the day? Well Namaz break, maybe?


Fight against hunger
It’s just noon time & you already feeling hungry? Well, the best way to serve your temptation is to start looking at food pictures & searching for Iftar deals. Even if at the end you are going to have only your Ghar kay Pakoraye.


Acting all religious
It’s Ramadan time so naturally you need to act little religious. Even though offering prayers is too tough, you are bound to start following the routine under peer pressure. Plus it’s a good excuse for a break too.


All campaign ideas revolve around Ramadan
Client asks for a campaign or content or anything under the sun – our solution – just make it around Ramadan. Double the chances of approval, and lesser the amount of work! You can’t blame us for lack of creativity when good food fuels it.

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20 days to go? Happy fasting!

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