5 types of snapchatters everyone hates

By Hijab Hassan


Their story might disappear in 10 seconds, but the scar they have left on our memory is entrenched forever.

 The not-so-cute pup face

It was cute once, maybe twice, but not anymore. Maybe, you harbor deep-rooted bestial instincts but stop demeaning your personality by making yourself look like a dog all the time.  You’re a human being – if you can’t behave like one, at least look like one.


The one who thanks God it’s Friday, when they shouldn’t

You know its Friday when all your snap chat friends will be seen celebrating it on their snapchat stories. While, that’s alright, there’s one group amongst these friends who will have absolutely no Friday plans, or weekend plans for that matter. Their weekend would be as sucky as any other day of the week, yet they will insist on having an oh-so happening weekend with a failed attempt at their snapchat stories. Take our advice, step out and live a little.


The one whose #MondayBlues gives us blues

We get it’s Monday, we get it’s not the most cheer-y time of the week and we GET you need coffee to get through the day but what we don’t get is your obsession to make people feel your pain. Seriously, stop.


The Pet Lover

Your pets are cute, but no one cares if their canoodling with your cushion or purring or sleeping while holding on to your arm, or simply existing.


The #blessed one

It’s great that you love your significant other, it’s absolutely tremendous that they love you back too and it’s truly wonderful that their parents approve of you. But, we don’t approve of you gushing about it all over Snapchat. Reciprocate their sentiments and hug it out.




How many such snapchatters can you identify in your list? But, hey, even if we despise them, we are guilty of waiting for their stories to laugh at them later!


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