Life at Bramerz: Intern’s Perspective

By Zahra Abbas

So I got the call form Bramerz, they said I can join in for the internship. I am jumping with Joy.
Okay great!
What to wear?
Formal? Or Informal?!
No, I think formal!

Already imagining suits and ties and lots of “yes sirs” for the coming days.  What’s it going to be; filling paperwork, coffee errands? Definitely making coffee.

The day kicked off, I dressed up as formal as I could. I sit at the backseat of the car fighting my inner goddess that I am not overly dressed but she keeps on yelling inside my head, “Forget about it all, Bramerz isn’t your ordinary digital marketing agency, you have signed in for something enthralling and special.”

When I finally reach Bramerz, my inner goddess rolls her eyes at me. I hush her down and take in the environment.

At Bramerz it’s not about suits and ties, nor the typical boring 9-5 office hours. Let’s just say the day starts at 9am sharp, it’s the perfect time to have a cup of tea and socialize with other fellow interns because guess what, when the cats away, the mice will play. You get the point, right?  

Life at Bramerz is more than just work; once you step in, you know your day is going to be exciting, challenging and digitally driven. One does not have to worry about his brain rusting away because Bramerz opens new doors in the world of creativity every day! The environment not just makes you feel comfortable but gives you an opportunity to learn and grow. Be it content discussion, design work or the final execution, everyone comes together as the dream team. Not to forget they are also the best diet planners! Work together, diet together.

Finally when the day ends you know you have done something. Well, not just something, let me rephrase it. Finally when the day ends, you know you have gained an experience of its own kind. As an intern while you are still learning the ropes, Bramerz makes sure to bring the best out of you.


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